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Science reviews of Biosea Health are based on peer reviewed research from around the global science community. Where publications show interactions between eating seaweed, nutrition and health outcomes we are very interested! Click here for human health blogs, here for plant health, and here for pet blogs. 

seaweed reduces metabolic syndrome

Seaweed Reverses Metabolic Syndrome

Too good to be true? When rats ate a small amount of seaweed on a junk food diet; no metabolic syndrome. It was if they were eating normal food. Seaweed negated a junk food diet. Professor Brown was astonished.

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seaweed reduces alzheimers disease Pacific Sea Moss

Seaweed Reduces Alzheimers?

Seaweed improves memory and reduces amyloid plaque load in an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model. Global research shows novel and promising alzheimer disease reduction and the mechanisms of the improvement.

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