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Peer Reviewed Science Reviews

Science reviews of Biosea Health are based on peer reviewed research from around the global science community. Where publications show interactions between eating seaweed, nutrition and health outcomes we are very interested! Click here for human health blogs, here for plant health, and here for pet blogs. 

Period Pain Seaweed Trial Abstract

Seaweed Stops Cows burping Methane

Seaweed Farm Photos

Seaweed Cake for Guilt Free Treat

Sleep Better with Seaweed

Seaweed Reduces Gout

Seaweed Nasal Spray Reduces Virus Infection

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Natural Medicine for Joint Pain

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Seaweed Reduces Back Pain

Graves Disease and Seaweed

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Trace Elements in Seaweed

Seaweed Helps Perimenopause

Seaweed Reduces Period Bleeding

Seaweed reduces Hangovers

Period Poverty- Seaweed?

Seaweed and Fibromyalgia

Period Pain Trial Thanks

Seaweed reduces dysmenorrhea

Period Pain Trial

Back Pain No More

Seaweed improved memory

Seaweed stopped Constipation after 2 weeks

Seaweed stopped Meniscus repair

Nails Grow Stronger Every Day Says Cathy

Aches and Pains Gone

Weight Loss on Seaweed

Join in kids fun Run

Creaking Aching Knees Gone

My Tummy is Better

Reduce My Blood Pressure Meds

Energy to Burn

Nails Less Brittle With Seaweed

Blood Pressure Reduction

Seaweed Cured Katies Period Pain! Can it do it for you?

Improve your Poo in the Times of Toilet Paper Shortage

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Solution to broken nails? Seaweed helped!

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Boost Immunity Naturally

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Boost Immunity with Seaweed

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8 Signs You Need Seaweed in Your Life

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Six Health Improvements People Are Saying About Pacific Seamoss

Make Seaweed a Habit for Better Health.

Cancer Fighting Properties of Seaweed

Seaweed reduces obesity? Will it save Queensland’s Fattest City?

Seaweed Reverses Metabolic Syndrome

Seaweed changes Microbiome

Seaweed Drug for Alzheimers Disease

Experience backed by Science

Seaweed Reduces Alzheimers?

Seaweed Stops Rheumatoid Arthritis in its Tracks

The Ultimate Sea Vegetable

Carrageenan Friend or Foe?

Seaweed Aquaculture for Food and Fuels

Amazon Rainforest Vanishing Faster Than Ever

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Many Uses of Seaweed

Seaweed And The Environment

Seaweed and Motor Neurone Disease

How to understand blood pressure readings

Natural Arthritis Relief with Seaweed

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Seaweed Linked to Weight Loss?

Potential cancer fighting properties in seaweed

Seaweed reduces Arthritis

Breast Cancer Rates 1/10 of UK. Why?

Health Benefits of Seaweed. 8 things you should know.