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Check out our articles on Biosea Health News, and find out the research and the popular articles that tell the story of why seaweed is good for humanity.  It has been eaten for millennia.  Providing a wide range of minerals and vitamins.  So it is food.  With surprising health benefits. For more science focused articles then check out the Science Reviews or information on how to build immunity with seaweed.

period pain seaweed trial abstract

Period Pain Seaweed Trial Abstract

Menstrual disorders are highly prevalent with headline rates claiming over 95% of women experience menstrual problems at some time during their reproductive lives. The implications of such large numbers translate to enormous economic cost, with lost work and educational opportunities for women. This reports on a pilot study from 2020.

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Causes of Joint Pain and reduction of pain with seaweed

Causes of Joint Pain

Your joints are like bitumen with potholes but our customers tell us Pacific Seamoss reduces inflammation and accelerates healing in joints. Underlying damage means some people need a longer time to see results or it may be that you have too many potholes.

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seaweed reduces gout or hyperuricemia with Pacific Seamoss

Seaweed Reduces Gout

A recent study shows that men who ate more seaweed had lower levels of serum uric acid, the major chemical that predicts the severity of gout. Gout is a painful arthritic symptoms and often associated with higher BMI smoking and alcohol consumption

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seaweed nasal spray reduces virus infection

Seaweed Nasal Spray Reduces Virus Infection

Seaweed has shown efficacy against cold and rhino nasal viruses. Seaweed in a nasal spray form has been registered in multi countries to reduce the effect of colds and rhinoviruses. By protecting the nasal surfaces, it stops the incidence of colds and rhino viruses. Work on coronaviruses show that it is also effective to reduce infection levels.

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stop arthritis with seaweed FAQ - customers report reduction in pain with Pacific seamoss

Stop Arthritis with Seaweed FAQ

Does Seaweed Reduce arthritis? Extracts from seaweed have been studied since early 2000’s and by mid 2015 showed no better reduction than placebo. However, customers say Pacific Seamoss whole seaweed provides excellent reduction in symptoms and even stop taking normal drugs. Here are some FAQ to consider.

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Seaweed - a natural remedies for joint pain

Natural Medicine for Joint Pain

Natural remedies have been demonstrated to reduce joint pain from rheumatoid arthritis or osteo-arthritis. They are widely available. Some have better evidence of effectiveness than others. Pacific Seamoss seaweed is a natural medicine providing excellent joint pain reduction and improvement in mobility.

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Is Seaweed Vegan? Pacific Seamoss Powder is

Is Seaweed Vegan

Seaweed is vegan based on most considered opinions. Pacific Seamoss is available in plain powder form rather than in capsules to ensure that seaweed is available to vegans. We take care in harvest to ensure sea life is not included in the seaweed harvest and there is no bycatch. Use Pacific Seamoss Powder as a vegan suitable food for health.

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seaweed reduces back pain

Seaweed Reduces Back Pain

Seaweed reduces back pain says the headline for many analgesics. But the consumer advocacy groups say that taking conventional analgesics are not recommended for long term use. Customers of Pacific Seamoss have come back with testimonials their back pain has reduced. When someone has pain for 15 years and pain goes within 3 weeks. What is the evidence for food to reduce back pain? A surprising amount of animal studies and limited human studies.

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Graves' disease and seaweed interaction

Graves Disease and Seaweed

One of the complications from the hyperthyroid disease called Graves’ disease is that a typical symptom is painful periods or dysmenorrhea. Seaweed may reduce painful periods, but the iodine in seaweed presents a problem. Seaweed may reduce overall impact of the autoimmune disease, but may introduce too much iodine.

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seaweed and fertility implications

Seaweed Improves Fertility

Some say seaweed improves fertility? Some are concerned that the estrogen receptors in seaweed may act against improved fertility? Should one consume seaweed if you are planning a family or pregnant? The short answer is there appears to be no reason not to eat seaweed as part of a balanced diet. Good food. Good health.

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Seafood allergies and Seaweed - why we say do not eat seaweed if you have an allergy

Seafood allergies and Seaweed

Seaweed seafood allergies are a concern, and we advise customers who have confirmed allergies to seafood not to eat seaweed, Pacific SeaMoss or from any source. The reason is that the ocean is full of life, and in the harvest and processing we cannot ensure there is no “hitchhikers” who turn out to make you sick. Explore the community of sea life.

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seaweed helps perimenopause

Seaweed Helps Perimenopause

Perimenopause is those 2 to 6 years (or longer) as women transition from reproductive years to menopause. As the type of oestrogen changes, symptoms of hot flushes, night sweats can make this time uncomfortable. Does seaweed help? It helps general health. Some customers say it helps with mood swings and other symptoms.

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seaweed iodine levels in Pacific Seamoss

Seaweed Iodine Levels

Seaweed iodine levels are often high especially in kelps and brown seaweeds. Red seaweed has only moderate levels of iodine so you can eat 2 to 5 grams of dry Pacific Seamoss without any issues, but gain benefits of adequate levels of iodone and nutrients.

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seaweed reduces period bleeding

Seaweed Reduces Period Bleeding

Talking about period bleeding has been banned by Facebook, yet periods and bleeding are experienced by 2.1 billion women globally. A pilot trial of 150 participants showed that seaweed reduced the level and the duration of bleeding. But will the media allow the information to be widely dissemininated?

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Pacific Seamoss Seaweed reduces hangovers

Seaweed reduces Hangovers

That seaweed reduces fatty liver is beyond question in animal studies. Our customers are reporting that hangovers from drinking too much alcohol have gone. Is seaweed the ultimate protection after an unhealthy drinking session? Can seaweed protect against liver damage from alcohol consumption?

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seaweed better than remdesivir

Seaweed better than Remdesivir

In invitro studies, researchers showed extracts of seaweed are better than remdesivir and heparin compounds against Sars-Cov-2 which is the virus responsible for Covid-19. The carrageenan extracts bind closely to the spike on the virus. This is a promising development in the use of drugs to reduce the seriousness of Covid-19

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magnesium in seaweed helps reduce period pain

Magnesium in Seaweed

Magnesium is in a moderate quantity in seaweed, but magnesium does not explain the large reduction in period pain nor the improvement in general health from consuming Pacific Sea Moss. Find out how period pain was significantly reduced, even when trial participants were taking magnesium for period pain.

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Pacific Seamoss seaweed helps relieve fibromyalgia symptoms

Seaweed and Fibromyalgia

Can seaweed assist fibromyalgia? Some customers who have fibromyalgia and other nervous systems have said seaweed has reduced the symptoms of fibromyalgia, but the affect has not been seen in the published information. But seaweed will make you feel better and more alive, and that will negate one of the symptoms of fibro.

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Boost immunity fast with seaweed pacific sea moss

Boost Immunity Fast With Seaweed

Strong published evidence shows seaweed rapidly boosts immunity. With good levels of zinc, vitamin C, A, B’s and Iodine powerful weapons to boost immunity fast.
With powerful antioxidant properties, it assists in reduction in a range of lifestyle diseases assisting the body to ward off infection.

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seaweed reduces arthritis Pacific Seamoss

Seaweed reduces Arthritis

Seaweed reduces degeneration of cartilage through potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory and anti-immunogenic actions. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of pain and disability in our aging population and current treatments only address the symptoms of joint disease.

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