Seaweed Builds Immunity Against Viruses

Seaweed Builds Immunity Naturally


Does Pacific Seamoss build immunity and protect agains viruses? The global science community has carried out research since 1958. Researchers have made claims that seaweed does build immunity naturally.

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Learn about how research for boosting immunity against a range of viruses such as colds and influenza

seaweed better than remdesivir

Seaweed better than Remdesivir

In invitro studies, researchers showed extracts of seaweed are better than remdesivir and heparin compounds against Sars-Cov-2 which is the virus responsible for Covid-19. The carrageenan extracts bind closely to the spike on the virus. This is a promising development in the use of drugs to reduce the seriousness of Covid-19

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Boost immunity fast with seaweed pacific sea moss

Boost Immunity Fast With Seaweed

Strong published evidence shows seaweed rapidly boosts immunity. With good levels of zinc, vitamin C, A, B’s and Iodine powerful weapons to boost immunity fast.
With powerful antioxidant properties, it assists in reduction in a range of lifestyle diseases assisting the body to ward off infection.

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