Testimonials after eating seaweed

What are Customers Telling Us About Pacific Seamoss

Testimonials after eating seaweed come to us daily. Real people, who feel better and over time are healthier provides confidence. Personal experience validates science. Check out these great testimonials after eating seaweed.  Videos about benefits of seaweeds are on our Bioseahealth YouTube Channel.

Testimonials after Eating Seaweed Align with Science

How long to feel better? Most “feel better” within 6 to 7 days but cannot always put a finger on why: it is non-specific. Checkout our Blog on this.

We suspect from peer-reviewed science the reasons could be:

  1. Eliminating a potassium deficiency.  Over 98% of American adults are K deficient.  Seaweed at 6 capsules (4.2g) is 30% of the recommended daily allowance (or intake).
  2. Iodine. Many are marginally deficient.
  3. Vitamins B’s ?
  4. Changes in gut microbiota

Seaweed is known as a “superfood” as it has great levels of nutrients It is not clear why, just that people do.

The testimonials after eating seaweed may be from reduction in fatty liver inflammation. We don’t tell the customers what benefit seaweed will provide. It is different for different people. Many after a month or two eating seaweed have profound measured improvement. Pain reduction. Gut health improvement. Blood pressure reduction. Osteoarthritis pain reduction. Fasting glucose level reduction. Cognitive improvement. Hair and nail growth. Weight loss. They start to exercise more.

Why is no longer a question. That customers do feel better is good enough

Seaweed. Just Food. Food for Better Health