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Boost Immunity with Seaweed

Boost immunity Time for seaweed. Reduce blood pressure. Decrease pre-diabetes. Prepare your home for staying in

The World Health Organization will soon declare a pandemic. Countries are preparing for the pandemic. Boost immunity with seaweed.

In our hugely complex global moment of change in transportation, economies, energy, we have an exogenous shock. A massive, tiny bundle of protein, the troublesome 120nm-diameter spiky virus. In its shell, is a wound-up pair of DNA strands, carrying just eight kilobytes of genetic code. It begins:

attaaaggtt tataccttcc caggtaacaa accaaccaac

Germs have changed the course of history in the past. Zoonotic transplants from crowded European towns, where humans lived cheek-by-jowl with their animals, were a powerful ally to the Spanish during the genocidal colonisation of South America. Bill Gates calls this latest a “once-in-a-century” pandemic.

 What makes this virus different from seasonal flu is how easily it spreads. Sheer numbers of people infected. Nursing homes, hospitals will be overwhelmed.  There is every chance that both you and I will come down with the disease. A broad guess is that 25-70% of the population of any infected country may catch the disease.

  • Young – the effects from disease are mild.
  • Elderly have a one chance in six of dying
  • Middle aged? The chances are less.
  • If “health compromised” i.e. have high blood pressure or diabetes your chances of dying have more than doubled

Check out the graphs from WHO below.

Importantly, if you suffer from other medical conditions, like hypertension or diabetes, then you can make some small but important changes.

Boost Immunity with seaweed

 Now is the time to prepare.  Prepare your body with a boost to your immunity.  And prepare for some interruption as the government imposes the only thing it can at this stage which is movement control. So prepare to be at your home for a couple of weeks, with children and not being able to go to work.

Boost Immunity and Eat Seaweed

What can you do to boost your immunity to a virus? Taking seaweed is the quickest and easiest option. Stop smoking. Eat healthy

1. If you are over 70

  • Improve your heart health with seaweed.[2]
  • Seaweed will improve liver function for faster absorption of medications.[3]
  • Seaweed is high in Potassium, which stabilizes heart rhythm.[4]
  • Potassium in seaweed also improves muscle function, making breathing easier.[4, 5]

2. If you are over 45

  • Improve your diabetes quickly with seaweed. Seaweed improves glucose tolerance.[3]
  • Drop your high blood pressure quickly with seaweed. Clinical trials in both humans and animal models show seaweed reduces hypertension effectively.[2]
  • Seaweed reduces inflammation in the heart, liver, and pancreas, freeing up immune cells for fighting infections. [3]

3. For everyone 

  • Boost immunity. Seaweed is full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants from seaweed.[6]
  • Seaweed will improve liver function for better blood filtration and nutrient availability.[3]
  • Increase energy levels and general health from better thyroid function with healthy iodine and tyrosine in seaweed.[7]
  • Improve gut health and gut immunity with the prebiotic effects of seaweed.[3]Some cases of the recent pandemic have also caused gastrointestinal problems.
  • Prepare your gut. By eating seaweed, you will boost immunity with seaweed. Who knows?


boost immunity with seaweed


Boost Immunity naturally with Seaweed Pacific Seamoss with antiviral properties

Prepare your home

1 Emergency Plan

  • Make sure you have an emergency plan in place.
  • Know what to do BEFORE the need arises.
  • Check out The Red Cross Website can help but also check your Local Government and State Health Departments for more information.

2 Medications

  • Make sure you have 14 days of medications available for you, your family, and pets.
  • You may need to be in-home quarantine for that long.

3 Food and Household Supplies

  • Gradually build up supplies of canned and frozen goods
  • High use items such as toilet paper, tissues.

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