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How is Seaweed Linked to Weight Loss?

Seaweed can reduce appetite, and appetite is key in weight loss.

How is Seaweed Linked to Weight Loss?

Weight loss, whether calculated via numbers on a scale or the measurement of one’s waist, is a continual battle. Maintaining a certain weight requires balancing caloric intake (energy consumed) with the amount of energy expended [6]. Losing weight results from using more energy than is taken in and, depending on various factors, this can seem nearly impossible to manage.

Seaweed linked to weight loss

Food is a necessity that sometimes comes in the form of less than optimal choices – or just plain tantalizing ones. It is inconvenient in the extreme to compute the caloric intake of each bite taken every day of the week. Even if that task is accomplished, there is energy output to measure and manage. Exercise assists in burning calories when one can find the time. But the belief that exercise reduces weight is wrong. Most who exercise reward themselves, just a little, and find they do get fitter, but do not lose weight. The only way is to drop the fork!

Change what you eat. When you change WHAT you eat, you change HOW MUCH you eat.

Enter an alternative method to aid in weight loss and weight management. Seaweed!

Seaweed Can Decrease Hunger

Dietary changes to decrease the intake of calories most definitely results in weight loss, but it also comes at a cost, namely hunger [9]. More often than not, a low-calorie diet introduces foods that are less filling, at least initially. Hunger signals from the stomach counter the cerebral knowledge that the appropriate meal was consumed and no more is forthcoming. [4]

Thankfully, Biosea Health has provided a way to silence the rumbles without consuming extra calories because seaweed is linked to weight loss.

Seaweed is a source of calorie-free, soluble fiber that attracts water and swells in the stomach creating a sense of fullness. Soluble fiber added to a healthy diet helps lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) [2] [4]. Furthermore, research has shown that fucoxanthin, a carotenoid, can be linked to weight loss in animals, among other health benefits [7] [11].

Seaweed linked to weight loss

Increase Fiber and decrease Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates or saccharides can range from simple (table sugar, honey, and high-fructose corn syrup) to complex (whole bread, pasta, potatoes, and fiber). In any weight loss or livestyle change a simple strategy is to reduce consumption of simple carbs and maintain complex carbs.  While carbs are a basic source of energy for the body [3], calories gained from carbohydrate-rich foods can quickly add up [6].

Research shows that adding fiber to a regulated diet decreases energy intake and increases weight loss among obese individuals. One summary of published reviews showed that an additional 14g of fiber per day could lead to a 10% decrease in food consumption [5]. But be careful to avoid excessive intake because too much of anything has side effects.

Increase Nutritional Intake

High-protein, high-fat, and/or low carb weight loss methods are continuing to gain in popularity. Results show that many individuals lose weight when adhering to such lifestyle changes [6]. Unfortunately, these diets can mean leaving out certain whole grains, fruits and vegetables, essential sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber [1] [4].

Adding seaweed to a diet that is limited or lacking in traditional sources of fiber may act as bulk to help stave off hunger without adding carbohydrates [4]. Fiber also serves to ensure a healthy digestive system [10].

Seaweed linked to weight loss

Dried Seaweed

Thanks to Biosea Health, this oceanic “vegetable” is available as convenient capsule. Harvested fresh from the waters of the Mindanao region of the Southern Philippine islands, our Pacific Sea Moss© is minced, dried, packaged, and shipped to you in less than two weeks [1].

The amount of seaweed is about 5 grams dry.  This amount of seaweed is equivalent to about 1 serve of vegetables.  With only 5 calories, but with 30% of the RDI of potassium, fiber, the seaweed is a great way to have complement a complete diet.

Healthy adults can generally ingest seaweed safely as part of a regular, balanced diet. Of course, it is advisable to speak to a healthcare professional before taking supplements if there are any concerns.[11].

We make no medical claims.  But we all understand seaweed is healthy.  What you may not know is that peer reviewed scientific papers have shown in countless studies on humans, animals and in test tubes that seaweed is healthy. Biosea Health provides seaweed as a simple way to consume food.  Simply good healthy food.













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