Nourising Life for Humans

Passionate About Seaweed

Around the world researchers are looking for novel ways to harness sea vegetables.

From replacement of fuel, to food, animal health, plant biostimulants and human.

While others are talking, our Foundation is doing. Join us and discover the benefits to you, your animals and your farms today

Passionate about Human Health

Seaweed has been eaten by humans for millenium. Seaweed is not just good food. Food for Health. Seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals. But seaweed has more benefits. Reduction in inflammation. Blood pressure reduction. Building immunity. 

Our period pain trial is full. Over 140 are reporting remarkable outcomes.

Astonishing results. Almost too good to be true. Seaweed, eaten as a convenient capsule reduced period pain. Some participants report monthly cramps gone. From 2 days in bed with a heat pack and a box of pain killers to no pain and a normal life. 

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Our not for profit incorporated charity supports local farmers, growing community employment and providing services to seaweed farmers. All of our products contribute to support this charity.Find out more 

We produce seaweed fertilizer:  Biosea Boost

We also produce a range of seaweed products for pets and animals: Biosea Pet Site

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Seaweed. Good Food. Food for health