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Make Seaweed a Habit for Better Health.

Seaweed has nutrients and functional properties in the food itself. They have benefits without any nasty side effects. But just like medicines, they work best when consumed often enough that the active molecules stay at the optimum level in your body.

If you make seaweed a habit, then the great thing about functional foods is they have benefits without any nasty side effects. Just like medicines, they work best when consumed often enough that the active molecules stay at the optimum level in your body. That’s why we bring you Pacific Seamoss, a functional food, in an easy to take capsule. Let’s be honest, for those of us accustomed to a western diet, it is much easier to take a few capsules than consume a full bowl of seaweed every day. And every day is the key to getting the full benefits.

Our functional food is just food, with benefits.  Unlike many foods that call themselves functional foods but they are just manufactured foods with some compounds added. Think margarine with added sterols.  Nothing is added to Pacific Seamoss.  Its what is in the food itself.

So how do you make Pacific Seamoss a daily habit?

Habit is a wonderful way to make our lives easier. The science shows that having habits reduce stress and free up brain power for other more difficult tasks. Aristotle knew that excellence comes from daily habit but forming those habits can be tricky in the beginning. Here are some tips from the experts to help you along your Pacific Seamoss journey.

1 Set up a reminder.

When learning a new habit consistency is the key. Reminders may be what your busy brain needs to keep that focus in the beginning. They can be as complicated as an electronic calendar entry or as simple as a post-it note on the bathroom mirror. Think about how you use reminders in your everyday life now and apply the same principle to taking your Pacific Seamoss.

2 Context is important.

Creating a place or situation that reminds you of taking your Pacific Seamoss capsules can make the habit rock solid. Perhaps keep Pacific Seamoss near the kettle so your morning cuppa is the reminder. Or in full view on your bedside table so you remember to take them morning and night. Think of a place or activity you do every day and incorporate your Pacific Seamoss into this context.

3 Timing can seal the deal.

Our bodies are chemically designed to make us creatures of habit. We have natural circadian rhythms that release hormones and neurotransmitters throughout the day, triggering time based behaviours. It’s easy to program our bodies to expect things to happen at a particular time. By taking Pacific Seamoss at the same time every day, you will trick your body and brain into sending you an internal reminder every day. Like an internal alarm clock.

4 Link to an established habit.

This is an easy way for quick habit forming. Because Pacific Seamoss is already in capsule form, adding it to your daily medications or vitamins is the easy choice of habit to link to.

5 Choose what works for you.

Look at the habits you already have in your daily routine and decide what makes these habits work. Perhaps one of the above points is the key. Use this knowledge to incorporate Pacific Seamoss into your daily schedule in a way that works for you.
When it comes to getting the full long-term benefits from seaweed, consistency is the key.


Make Pacific Seamoss a habit – Tips

The four stages of habit are best described as a feedback loop. They form an endless cycle that is running every moment you are alive.

This “habit loop” is continually scanning the environment, predicting what will happen next, trying out different responses, and learning from the results.

Charles Duhigg and Nir Eyal deserve special recognition for their influence on this image. This representation of the habit loop is a combination of language that was popularized by Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, and a design that was popularized by Eyal’s book, Hooked.