Back Pain No More

Back pain no more says Prof Brown

The best thing I have noticed is that I can move freely, so the lower back pain is simply not a hindrance, and that has been a really nice change.
I’ve had soreness in my lower back pain for over 15 years.

I went out and gardened the other day, and dug over the soil which is a lot of clay. Normally I would have then spent the afternoon on the couch, but my back was not sore at all.

I have worked for 15 years in research in functional foods and always tried to eat the good foods. The results were there in animals. But to see them in humans as well – just fantastic.

The question to ask is if you stop eating seaweed, does the pain come back. The short answer is it does for me.

Professor Lindsay Brown Brisbane, QLD (retired)

  • 2009-2020: Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Southern Queensland
  • 1986-2013: Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Associate Professor, adjunct Associate Professor, School of Biomedical Sciences, The University of Queensland
  • 2015 Fellow of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Science
  • 1974 Bachelor of Pharmacy with First Class Honours, The University of Queensland
  • 1981 PhD, The University of Sydney

Seaweed improved memory


I was looking for some of the breast cancer benefits and weight loss from seaweed and never thought this would happen. You may know the occassion – you forget the words, their name, and you know its there, but somehow it goes. A number of times a day. Grrh. After 6 weeks eating seaweed, I forgot a word. Then I realised that for the past 2 weeks I had not had that memory miss. My mind is clearer and sharper. Has seaweed improved my memory?  Interesting science on animals

Judy B, Buderim , QLD


Seaweed stopped Constipation after 2 weeks

It is not something that I wanted to share. But constipation had been a curse for years. Tried all the other remedies

We have been using the Seamoss Capsules you sent us for nearly a month now. I have noticed that my gut has settled down considerably as was experiencing frequent constipation – no longer.

Peter, Gold Coast

ps.  I won’t share my photo or the outcomes!


Seaweed stopped Meniscus repair

Seaweed stopped meniscus repair booked in

I wanted to do 4 to 5 km each morning, and I’ve been to the doctor and he says I need to get the bone shaved off to stop the pain in my meniscus. That procedure is complex. I started taking seaweed about 6 weeks ago. The pain in my knee has gone. I can run freely, even up steep hills. Has seaweed stopped meniscus repair?  

Oh, and I am slimming down. I am a real advocate.

Dominic Locantio, Caloundra QLD


Nails Grow Stronger Every Day Says Cathy

“My nails grow stronger every day”

says Cathy. I take seaweed each day, as it is great to be able to have that one serve of vegetables, with no preparation. Not only did the aches in my knees disappear, and make it easier to kayak and walk but really odd.

My nails grow stronger every day and don’t break. It is not what I expected.

Cathy R, Mooloolaba, QLD


Aches and Pains Gone

I was on medication for slightly elevated blood pressure, but the first medication gave me swollent ankles and the second seem to be stable.

I took some Pacific Sea Moss for a month to see if it would improve my blood pressure and side effects, but to my surprise my aches and pains that I had when I woke up in the mornings just disappeared. Remarkable. I don’t have to put up with aches and pains

Jill B. Melbourne, Australia


Weight Loss on Seaweed

I am a 70 year old woman who has been taking your seaweed capsules for five weeks. In that time I have noticed several things: *My osteoarthritis symptoms in my knees and ankles have lessened considerably * My weight has dropped by 3 kgs. This is with no particularly stringent diet *My body measurements have decreased by 4cm Thank you for your wonderful tablets.

Anna Hoyle, Dorset UK


Join in kids fun Run

My arthritic knee has gone from a pain score of 8 down to a 2.

Previously, if I slept in air-conditioning and the blankets came off my knee I’d wake up with a very painful knee. I’d have to spend 30 minutes with exercise to get the pain out of the knee.  Now, no pain. More importantly, it is no longer a problem even after prolonged use.

I did a 5km fun run with the kids! Didn’t win, but jogged the whole way without any subsequent pain or issues.

Gray Goodwin, Founder Davao City


Creaking Aching Knees Gone

Creaking aching knees gone! I did not actually believe it. I was pushed into taking seaweed. “Just for a month”, Hugh said. “No result. No pay. What do you have to lose?”

I’m a printer with a printing and marketing business called 4CP, and I often have to squat down to pick up a box of paper or similar stored under the bench. The printer tray is right down at the bottom of the machine. Over the years, my knees start to complain and I have to hang onto the benches to get back up again.

After 3 or 4 weeks I realised I had squatted down, picked up a box and had no pain. Thinking about it more, I realised I been doing that movement for a week and hadn’t even noticed pain. That’s what pain is like – you get so used to it it takes a while when it disappears. No holding onto the table to haul myself back up. Remarkable!

I know take the seaweed regularly and found that the aches and pains have improved even more over time. It has taken a while to retrain my mind.

The only thing I don’t like is having to cut my toenails regularly. Guess that comes with the product and as a male less body maintenance is a plus.

I have taken tumeric and other natural products over previous years, so was not expecting a huge change, but seaweed fixed my creaking and aching knees and was certainly a lot more effect than I normally have.

Wayne Knetter4CP Palmwoods, QLD