Seaweed for Nails

We all dream of beautiful, strong, natural nails. Who wouldn’t?
BioSea Health customers are leaving astounding reviews about their strong, healthy nails, just weeks after starting to take seaweed capsules.

Seaweed for Nails

This was a surprise to us since there’s not a lot in the way of scientific research to suggest any correlation between nail health and seaweed. We know seaweed improved health in many areas of the body, but never expected so many customers to find their nail health better than ever!

Thousands of Australians have poor nails, especially after years of manicures, chemicals, rough filing (or chewing!) and poor diets. Could seaweed be the solution?

How Seaweed Works

  • No artificial chemicals
  • Faster growing nails
  • Improves strength – less brittle
  • Good source of nutrients and vitamins
  • Nourishes – improves thyroid function

How is it possible?

We researched natural nail growth products and found their ingredients surprisingly similar to the contents of seaweed.

Health professionals have made it clear you should avoid chemicals and manicures if you want healthier nails. These existing natural nail health companies suggest you instead look to nutrients and vitamins.

Seaweed contains minerals and vitamins such as Potassium, Iron and Vitamins A, B and C. This means it provides anti-oxidants, promotes gut health and stabilizes hormones. These all contribute to overall health in the human body!

The American Academy of Dermatology says unhealthy nails can be signs of other illnesses and underlying conditions. As we know, seaweed is proven to help with many of these conditions. 

So, is it really surprising that it contributes to healthy nails?

Can it help you?

Testimonials continue flooding in with real stories. BioSea Health customers say their nails are growing faster, stronger and healthier.

Anais Bouvier Gonzalez says she saw her nails getting stronger after just two weeks.

“My nails are fantastic,” she said, “that’s natural!”

“It’s Pacific Seamoss from Biosea Health, a product that’s really natural. This helps because it’s not that easy to eat seaweed unless you eat a crazy amount of sushi.”

With a quick Google search, you can find many articles by real people who started incorporating large amounts of seaweed in their diet. They too were shocked to find their hair, skin, and nails looking better than ever.  For testimonials from our customers click here

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