The Organic & Natural Way To Go From Debilitating Period Pain To Getting Your Life Back... Guaranteed!

Trial BioSea Health Seaweed for 60 days. If period symptoms are not significantly reduced, full refund.

Do You Suffer From Period Pain?

Just “ordinary” pain from no other cause except you are a woman. 

Do you have cramps, nausea, aches in your back and legs, tiredness and of course, that dreadful, unrelenting pain?

If yes, then you are not alone – 97% of women will experience period pain in their lifetime. And as we all know – those 97% of women have found that most over the counter medications do very little to stop the pain.

How many times have you opted to stay in bed with a heat pack, a box of pain meds and chocolate….anything just to take that edge off?

And that’s not even if you are one of the 10% of women who suffer crippling pain from endometriosis, PCOS or fibroids.

Period Pain Is Doing You Damage

As a woman you are great at soldiering on – let’s face it, we don’t get “man flu”. But science is not telling us that soldiering on is not the best option because it is changing the way our brains and nerves work.

When scientists compared the brains of women with period pain against the rare few women without period pain, they discovered that the period pain women had different ratio of white to grey matter and different brain networks switched on for pain.

In a nutshell, this means that period pain is making our brains work differently. And that’s just our brains.

Women with period pain have changes to the rhythm of their heart increasing risk of serious conditions like atrial fibrillation. Period pain interrupts sleep but it also changes the way our body repairs itself while we sleep creating higher night time temperatures and less repair happening. This means we age faster.

Then there is the damage to our mental health that any chronic pain can cause – and that’s what period pain is – chronic pain. Mmmmm time to think of period pain differently.

How Do I Stop Period Pain Doing Me Damage?

Easy – stop the period pain. But period pain is just part of being a woman, right? Wrong.

Period pain wasn’t really a thing two hundred years ago. Women had their first period closer to 17 yrs old than 12 or 13. They had more babies and breast fed those babies for a long time. So they really only had about 50 menstrual cycles per lifetime while we have closer to 400 – it helps that we live a lot longer now.

But how does this help us now? OK, so you want me to keep having babies so the pain will stop…….mmm… thanks, but no thanks!

Motherhood may have been the solution 200 years ago but today we have modern science. And BioSea Health are leading the way with research on the role of functional foods in stopping period pain.

What are Functional Foods

Functional foods are just foods that have a medicinal effect when we eat them every day. We know that we pretty much are what we eat …. A diet of junk food gives us a junky body. But we don’t usually understand that what we eat can be the same as taking a medicine.

Foods can lower our blood pressure, clean out our liver, form new networks in our brain…. If we know which foods to eat and how much we  should be eating.

At BioSea Health we are studying a functional food we all know about but mostly don’t eat – seaweed. And we have found that seaweed stops period pain in its tracks. Not just in a supervised trial. But for over 1,000 women and counting.

Period Pain Isn't That Bad

We already know that period pain is damaging our body. But it’s also eating into our weekly pay packet and causing us to miss work and social events.

A study in 2019 by the British Medical Journal linked period pain to nine days of lost productivity per woman every year. 80 percent of respondents said they had continued to work or study while feeling unwell, and were less productive as a result. 41 percent said pain affected their concentration or performance in class. That cost in Australia is estimated at over $9 Billion

How much are you spending on pain killers and other remedies every month? Of course, we won’t count the cost of chocolate … that’s essential. And how many hours of work are you missing? Many women use two days of their sick or annual leave every month. Or they don’t have sick leave and if you don’t work, you do not get paid. That adds up to a lot of lost cash as well as lost productivity.

And then there is the cost to your relationships. Spending time with family and friends is essential – we have learnt how valuable these relationships are since the Covid-19 lockdown. But most of us have turned down invitations, left early, or just stayed home because of the period pain we were silently suffering through. We know we can’t get those moments back. Period pain has robbed us of moments, memories, relationships and quality of life. Enough is enough.

Tell me How Seaweed Can Give Me My Life Back

Seaweed is not new, in fact we probably evolved as humans because we ate seaweed. It contains all the essential nutrients needed for brain and body development and to keep our body functioning properly and in complete health. You know about nutrients like fish oil, antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Well here is a well kept secret – fish don’t make these nutrients in their body any more than we do. They have to get those nutrients from eating seaweed, and lots of it. At BioSea Health we are looking at ways to cut out the middle man…. middle fish, and get the nutrients straight to you to stop period pain.

But how do you know seaweed stops period pain?

I am glad you asked.

The team at BioSea Health are scientists who conduct clinical trials. In one trial we had over 150 women seaweed capsules take every day. Within four weeks, most women reported their period pain had either disappeared or reduced down to a level where they hardly noticed it. Their use of pain killers had virtually stopped. Those that still took them only did so for a few hours on the first day of their period. Many women rang us in tears because they had experienced relief from period pain for the first time in their adult lives. Happy tears, happy lives. That is what good science is all about.  So we did follow up customer acceptance trial.  

Is Seaweed Good For Me

Seaweeds are a ‘nutrition powerhouse’ and contain unique disease fighting compounds. Many seaweeds contain anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. Their medicinal effects have been known for thousands of years; the ancient Romans used them to treat wounds, burn, and rashes. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the ancient Egyptians may have used them as a treatment for breast cancer.

They are fantastic for balancing hormones and helping you look and feel better.  High in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and unique phytosterols, seaweed is a better nutrient source than those expensive multi-vitamins you take. Seaweed is also a natural prebiotic that is high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Our healthy gut bacteria are happy and blooming, making us feel healthy and energetic. (Check out what our older customers say) And that extra bulk makes bowels happy too. So all the nutrients, anti-oxidants, fish oils and fibre in the one place ….mmm…. Sounds easy to take, and less expensive. 

Need more convincing? Here’s a word from our founder, Dr Hugh Butler… a man who felt helpless as he watched his wife and daughters suffer every month.

Pacific Seamoss seaweed reduces joint pain simply

How I Found The Answer To Reducing Period Pain

In 2019 I was attending a seaweed conference in South Korea and I met Professor Jane Teas.  She’d studied the link between seaweed consumption and why Japanese had one tenth of the breast cancer rates of those in the western world. She gave her patients dry seaweed in a capsule and followed their progress in a clinical trial. Seaweed was restoring the health of the people in her trial.  

At the time I and my co-founder Gray had an organic seaweed farm in the Philippines and we were producing animal and plant health products. In fact, when used correctly, the vitamins and minerals in seaweed provide dramatic improvements in the health of all life on earth.

Professor Lindsay Brown from the University of Southern Queensland over the past 15 years extensively studied the role of “functional food” with animals for obesity related diseases such as hypertension and hyperglycemia. Along with Prof Nicholas Paul from the University of the Sunshine Coast they published 2 studies on seaweed over the past 3 years. Was that work in animals that suggested potential for prevention of metabolic syndrome similar to the work on seaweed on breast cancer?  So we worked with a local nutraceutical manufacturer in the Philippines to offer our organic seaweed as capsules.

When we first started offering the capsules locally we offered them to older people who had symptoms of metabolic syndrome and lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure or elevated glucose. And we started to get our customers calling about pain reduction. 

And then one day we had feedback from a 26 year old student whose period pains had gone from a pain scale of 10 to a 1. Wow. When I was telling my 41 year daughter about this her eyes widened. Then she told me her pain had dropped from an 8+ to a 3.  I mean – what daughter tells her dad this stuff!

Intrigued,  we decided to extend the trial to women of different ages around the world. And got even better results. Pain smashed. Women were happy but also the scientists at BioSea were happy because their results were statistically significant…in fact they were almost off the scientific charts. . Women who had previously been incapacitated in bed for 2 days got their lives back . What was really amazing was the feedback we got… It worked for all these women and that is why I now want to offer this amazing product to you. 

It Worked For All These Women And It Will Work For You

Eating Seaweed for 2 Months was more consistent in reduction in pain and improvements in skin, nails, hair and reduced PMS symptoms

What we found was for 30% it works almost like a miracle. For a further 45% of women it works but for some it might take a couple of months. For 15% is does not improve things and for 10% they can’t or won’t eat seaweed, or forget to or some other reason.  But we cannot tell beforehand.  So we invite you to be part of the 75%. Buy a month, get a second month for free. We don’t know if you will be part of the 25%. So if you do not benefit, we will refund your money. In full.   

Here is one of the “high responders”. Samadhi from Melbourne, Australia says:
So the seamoss is amazing. Thanks for having me trial it,  it has absolutely diminished my period pain (which has me usually bedridden and vomiting because no pain killers can address my pain issue). I now have a minor cramp; infact twice I thought oh, maybe I’ll be getting my period this week.. followed by omg I have it. Cannot express my amazement enough.”

But here’s Nora, Liverpool, UK. 
“Hi, just wanted to give you some feedback. I tried your product and had my period the other day and unfortunately it was just as debilitating as before. What I noticed though is that the period was shorter and the bleeding was way less than before. I didn’t take the capsules for a full cycle I started taking them about a week after my last period so that might be why I didn’t see the results I hoped I would see”  (She ate seaweed for a second month – and pain reduced)

Clean Green And Sustainable

We understand you don’t want to put anything in your body from sources you don’t know. So we have implemented leading edge technology that tracks the seaweed from “gate” to “plate”. It is grown and certified Organic. We test the water and the product heavy metals, biological contaminants. We are implementing HACCP and ISO22000 certified processes. We manage it every step of the way to you. I eat it. It is just food and you can’t overdose on healthy food.  We have established a foundation Seaweed for Humanity, Inc and that is set up to help local women seaweed farmers.

Get Back Your Life

Here’s 3 Significant Lifestyle Health Improvements Reported From Our 140+ Seaweed Trial Participants

  • Before taking seaweed, 53% of women said periods interrupted their school or Work. But after just 1 month of seaweed, only 11%. Say goodbye to sick days or absenteeism.
  • Social lives are restored. Before seaweed, 75% are affected. After seaweed just 7% said their social lives were interrupted.
  • Get back your sleep. Before seaweed, 74% said pain interrupted sleep. After 1 month of seaweed just 22%.
From a mental health perspective, this is almost better than the pain outcomes.

Seaweed Takes Time. Try for Yourself

We know for many, especially those who have suffered for years, it takes time. Here’s feedback from Anna, London, UK

Thank you for checking in. I’ve given myself three cycles to fully assess (as they differ in pain intensity), ……  and  – on the second cycle I have noticed a significant reduction in pain, second being slightly worse than the first one (a full month after taking sea moss) but still nothing what I had experienced before. I’ve suffered from really painful (however varying) periods for years and the last two months have been DEFINITELY a lot better. The only thing stopping me singing on top of my lungs about sea moss and your product is just giving myself that extra time to properly assess and compare but so far it’s SO promising, the first thing in years that’s giving me hope I can permanently reduce period pain, which means so so so much.

I apologise if this is a bit rambly –  I will definitely be in touch with more detailed review in a month. I’ve ordered two extra sachets so am good for another month and a half and quite frankly can’t see myself discontinuing.

Aside from pain, everything everyone’s said about stronger nails and hair – unbelievable!! the difference is quite staggering and very quickly visible, also, generally feel healthier and stronger, it’s the first January in years I haven’t felt exhausted or affected by SAD, I know it’s quite a general statement but I definitely feel better overall

So a thousand thank you’s for your groundbreaking work!

What Kathleen Who is On the Trial Told Us

How Do I Sign Up For The 60 Day Trial

I am offering 2 months supply of BioSea Health’s “Pacific Moss” – buy one month, get one free.  If you find seaweed does not provide any benefits to you over this time, I will refund. Without question.  

Why am I doing this?

The answer is simple. I need your help.

I am so confident in the effectiveness of seaweed to reduce period pain that we want to apply for Australia, US and European regulators so we can actually tell people how good this is. Not just say it helps “wellbeing”. And we have got researchers focused.

Did you know it costs over $600,000 for the little guys to get Food and Drug compliance . what we have to do before we can make clear claims…even though the science is already there. The system is geared towards large companies with chemicals rather than foods. The system wants to block food for medicine. How dumb is that. They are quite happy to have big pharma to sell you a single molecule with side effects, (do not take too much ibuprofen) and take your money every month, but they put in legislative barriers just to eat food. They say it is to protect you…..you make the choice.

When you sign up you’ll we will give you the opportunity to test for yourself. Don’t take our word for it. Order it. Take it for 2 months. If it works for you you are part of the 75% for whom it works. If you are part of the 20% who can’t then why should you pay for it. We are that sure that getting back 2 days of your life each month is worth it.

Is there A Catch?

We do want something from you. Feedback. We have lots of good data from our trial but we need this to be 2,000 people, not just those 140 or the 1,000 that tested it just for the cost of postage. And this feedback helps us with our next major trial. 

Be prepared for needing extra hair cuts. That’s what 60% of our trial participants tell us. We will enclose a nail emery board because 80% tell us their nails are stronger!

Here is your last chance to join a global group of over 2,000 participants. Become part of the BioSea Health program to bring this not just to the western world but also to women who cannot afford monthly care and suffer in silence.

And did we tell you our production systems help support farmers in developing areas, bring much needed finance to families, and especially the women who do much of the work.

Benefits May Take More Than a Month

These responses are what we expect. Not all get pain reduction below the threshold of 5 – where you may take pain killers. And the second graph shows reduction of duration and inconvenience.

What we saw in the trial with 140 has been repeated with the last 3 months of women in Australia and UK. For about 75% the pain reduction is very significant in their lives.  Even those with endometriosis and PCOS. But not all.

If your pain was 9, and reduced to 6 – it is still debilitating. so for some it feels like the seaweed has not provided that relief. But it is not just pain. It is also other menstruation measures. Duration, heaviness of bleeding. PMS symptoms, mood,  food, sore breasts. 

Seaweed reduces period pain at 8 weeks
seaweed reduces menorrhagia

A surprising result from the initial trial and subsequent customer reports is that other menstruation issues are reduced. The number of days reduces by about 2. The associated pre-menstrual effects are reduced.

This data was confirmed by another 1000 customers who trialled seaweed for 1 month. Hence we decided to provide a 2 for 1 offer – to make sure you give seaweed a decent chance.  


Warning - The Clock is Ticking

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the product we are giving away.  With our first offer we gave away 1,000 for a month.

Therefore it’s not possible for me to fund with more than 1,000 people for this 60 day offer.

So with that said, know that the window of opportunity will close by the end of March 2021.

If you feel like this is right for you, click below and get your product on its way, and start planning what you do without pain in your life. And extra sleep

Talk Soon,


Dr Hugh Butler