Seaweed for Humanity

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Seaweed improves human health and growth of animals and plants. Seaweed creates sustainable income for communities.

This is why we believe Seaweed for Humanity is not just a tagline, it is our vision for the future.

Objectives for the Foundation


The Seaweed for Humanity Foundation has been established to

  • Support local community initiatives
  • Work with seaweed farmers
  • Work with producers
  • Work with government
  • Work with business to promote seaweed products.

Seaweed contributes to


When communities have employment by private enterprise, then it enables a sustainable future


The Foundation works with companies who not only establish businesses and create product but also who are prepared to invest back into the local community.  With community support services, education, health and financial knowledge.


Seaweed has multiple benefits for a sustainable renewable environment.

Pacific Seamoss for Humans
Bioseahealth for cats dogs and animals

Commercial Partners

Marine Algae Products, Inc is a founding supporter of Seaweed for Humanity, Inc. MAPI works with the City of Samal, the Department of Agriculture. Farmers grow the seaweed Kappaphycus alvarezii and other species in waters around Samal Island in the Mindinao region of Southern Philippines.  Products include:

BioSea Boost

Extraction of seaweed liquid provides an organically certified biostimulant used in rural communities with the Philippines but also used in agriculture and horticulture globally.

BioSea Health

Seaweed has been used for thousands of years -most often wet.  When the seaweed is dry it can be used as a natural seaweed for wellbeing.

BioSea Vet

Seaweed is a great addition to feed products for the chicken and livestock industry. Research is underway globally for use of seaweed to reduce methane production from ruminants and reduce climate warming green house gases.

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Pacific Seamoss for Humans

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