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Seaweed Helps Exercise and Breaks Down Barriers

Doctors continually recommend lifestyle changes – eat better, exercise more. But did you know that seaweed helps exercise?  Doctors know exercise reduces or reverses major diseases of the modern age – the big five Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Depression, Obesity and Cancer.

But if exercise was that simple, we would all be doing it. There are many physical barriers to why we resist taking a long walk or a trip to the gym. We often tell ourselves, and our friends, that it’s because we don’t have the time or the money. But it’s usually more to do with how we feel about exercise, and our general health and energy levels.

Our first buyers tell us seaweed helps exercise and breaks barriers. Seaweed changes the way people feel about exercise. Here are some of the reasons why.

1. Seaweed Helps Exercise & provides extra energy

Seaweed cleans out your sluggish liver, so nutrients and energy are quickly delivered to cells and muscles when they are needed. We experience this as a feeling of sustained energy and wellness. Customers describe it as feeling youthful with energy to burn. Moving is easy and the element of fun re-emerges, instead of the drudgery we often associate with physical activity.

2 Seaweed Helps Exercise as it reduces joint inflammation

It’s difficult to move more when movement causes pain and swelling. Seaweed reduces joint inflammation in two ways. Firstly, it provides a rich supplement of prebiotics that boost good bacteria in the gut that in turn send natural anti- inflammatory molecules throughout the body. Secondly, it contains natural pharmaceutical molecules that interfere with the chronic inflammatory processes, stopping long term inflammation in its tracks.

3. Seaweed changes brain chemistry

One of the modern diseases is depression. While we don’t all have major depression, it is easy to suffer from the symptoms of depression including lethargy, feeling low, lacking motivation. It’s simple combination of the western diet, lifestyle and the heavy burden of stress we all carry. Seaweed makes us feel better about life in two ways. It provides taurine, tyrosine and other essential compounds that act on neural pathways to reduce anxiety and tension during periods of stress. Then the prebiotic elements of seaweed upregulate good bacteria in the gut. This reduces inflammation in the brain creating a feeling of wellbeing and halting negative thinking patterns.

4. Seaweed helps exercise as it makes your heart work better

Studies have shown seaweed removes the build-up of structural compounds, like collagen, from heart tissues. This allows cardiac muscle to move more freely, delivering oxygen to muscles when you need it most, such as when you are exercising. Suddenly that hill climb is easier because muscles are receiving the blood flow they need to work harder.