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Seaweed improves health unexpectedly

Interim customer survey results. Be surprised. Pacific Seamoss has some really unexpected results. Improved memory, less anxiety, better sleep and other outcomes that are understandable.

We know seaweed is healthy. But many people eat seaweed as a food and most do not eat seaweed every day. So the results from customers are really interesting. Responses can be grouped into 4 different areas.

Physical – Exercise and Pain

  • Exercise pain 50% say less pain when exercising
  • Endurance – 28% said they had more endurance
  • 28% said they had specific pain reduction. Backs. Knees. Wrists, Hips, Shoulders. Chris Sly says he does not know why he has less minor back pain, but he is happy to accept it!
  • The reduction in pain allowed them to move freer.
  • Muscle cramps 6% less.

Physical – Specific

  • 55% said their nails are stronger. If you are a male, that’s could be a nuisance, but a few have said their nails are the best for 30 to 50 years! Check out a blog here
  • 30% said their hair grew more. Some said 25% faster. (Read More) The bald people had no change!
  • Over 20% reported their blood pressure decreased close to 100% of those who said they had elevated blood pressure.  Improvement was not unexpected based on prior published data.
  • Improvement in the skin. Acne, skin sensitivity were reported by a number of customers.
  • Arrhymythia improved – 3%
  • Change in Bowel – 25% had improved bowel movements (Improvements from those who had diarrhoea or who had constipation)
  • Changes in kidney/bladder – 22% said they had improvement in bladder emptying
  • Two said their restless leg syndrome stopped. They only became aware when they realised that it had stopped for a week.
  • Some, who said they did not complete the survey said their glucose levels were reduced. (Based on tests by their doctors).

Physical – Generic

  • Eyesight 10% of respondees said their eyesight improved
  • Smell 7% says their sense of smell improved and became more sensitive to smells and scents
  • Better bowel movements., improvements with Parkinson’s Disease.
  • 50% said they had less pain when they exercised and 30% more endurance. More testimonials here on this page
  • Dysmenorrhea severity and duration improved for 3 of the younger responders. Reduction in duration from 6-7 days down to 2 to 3. Pain scores (1-10 rating) reduced from 8 to 3 for one customer and from 11 to 1. (See Katies story)

Mental – Attitude and Psychological

  • 26% were less anxious and 33% said their moods were better.
  • 28% said they had better sleep.
  • Memory improved for 30%

This does not include some other measures that we know have happened such as improvement in blood glucose levels, improvement in memory or improvement in their cholesterol profile.

Why seaweed improves health?

We don’t know.

  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Pre-biotic effect on the microbiome
  • Anti-inflammatory responses
  • Other unknown reasons