Period Pain Stories

I found that my pain was reduced significantly and after taking the capsules for two cycles, my third cycle was not only less painful, but not as heavy and one day shorter. It was the first time I haven’t used any pain medication (on day 1-2) in years. I have a good back up supply of capsules and I hope to replicate this success in the months to come. Nic from Australia
I have definitely noticed reduced severity and length of period pain since I started taking the seaweed Sarah from Victoria
My period sneaks up on me when I am taking the seaweed as my symptoms are so reduced. When it begins, it’s the first time in many years that I have actually been able to work/play/do whatever I would normally do! I stopped taking the seaweed to ensure that this was what was improving my symptoms. After one month with pain again, I will be ordering for as long as you are selling! Tiffany from Sydney, Australia
The length of my period has noticeably shortened. I used to have around 5 days of very light bleeding before what felt like my proper period started. After just a week of taking only one tablet a day my period started slightly later and was a normal full period. It seems to be stopping after only 5 days instead of the usual 10-12 and I have had no period paid. I usually only have it for the first day or so but this time absolutely nothing! Vicki UK
For years, my periods have been so bad that I have been in immense pain, unable to move, sometimes losing consciousness, throwing up, unable to sleep, even with NSAIDs and a hot water bottle around the clock. Every month I factor in two days of non-work due to my period, and fortunately these two days fall on a weekend so I don’t miss too much work, but it is miserable. My first period after trying the seaweed capsules (every other day – I forgot to take them every day) was practically painless. The pain went from an 8-10 down to a 2-4, sometimes 0, and felt more like having an uncomfortably full bladder, or a dull ache, than the usual excruciating period pain. Amazing. Emma from Newcastle