Arthritis Pain reduction

I have been taking two tablets a day for some months now, and – at nearly 80 years old – have been literally free from all ailments, inc knee pain from which I used to suffer periodically.
Wendy has also been taking two teaspoons of seaweed powder daily for some months, and thinks it is brilliant – being now free from knee pain, which relates to a previous accident. Also she is suffering less from night leg cramps than before, and says that she thinks the powder has also kept head-colds at bay.
Roy, Marlow UK
The surgeon said I needed a meniscus scrape. After a few weeks on seaweed, I could run 5 km again. Surgery delayed. After 12 months, I still do not have that pain in my knee. I can run freely, even up steep hills. Dominic Caloundra, Australia
I’ve had scoliosis for 20 years and tried everything. Analgesics, chiropractic etc. Then Biosea Health said say experiment on yourself first. After 3 weeks of eating seaweed, my back pain just went! Perhaps I should have self experimented more! With over 50 years of pharmacology and functional food research including seaweed research on lifestyle diseases, and extensively published, I cannot explain it fully. But who cares – it just works. Prof Lindsay Brown (ret).
This product is amazing. I was only on the tablets just over a month and my knee which has been causing me pain and inflammation for over five years is now pain free. My hair is growing super fast and I believe I am feeling better overall Michelle Strongman, Sunshine Coast, Australia