Dry Seaweed Easier Than Fresh Seaweed

For many, eating fresh seaweed is just not possible. We recommend a seaweed tablet.


Shipping of fresh seaweed from places that it is farmed to consumers is just not possible. While we can ship bananas from the Philippines to the USA or from Ecuador to New Zealand, shipping fresh seaweed is not possible and all you would get is compost. Or worse. Generally, seaweed is dried or at worst reduced to semi-dried and then re-hydrated at serving in a supplemental seaweed tablet.


We dry the seaweed where it is grown. No spoilage. Controlled. Managed.

Convenience in Seaweed Tablet Supplements

Our society is based on convenience.  Do you want to learn how to prepare seaweed, and incorporate it into various recipes? Or just take a Pacific SeaMoss seaweed tablet whenever and wherever you want.

No Cooking Required

There is no food preparation required. A few tablets. Health is done.

I don’t like the taste

For some, seaweed is an acquired taste. It is called the umami. What does Umami taste like? Umami is a naturally occurring flavour enhancer, roughly meaning ‘deliciousness’ in Japanese. It is used to describe the pleasant savoury taste found in mushrooms, parmesan, and of course; Seaweed. And monosodium glutamate (MSG). Have you tried to feed mushrooms to children?  Or seaweed to westerners?

We make no medical claims. But we all understand seaweed is healthy. What you may not know is that peer-reviewed scientific papers have shown in countless studies on humans, animals and in test tubes that seaweed is healthy. BioSea Health provides seaweed as a simple way to consume food. Simply good healthy food.

seaweed tablet