Period Pain Sign Up

Thank you for coming to sign up, but we have stopped taking on new participants.

We are still interested of sufferers with PCOS or endometriosis. The results are amazing from our initial analysis and will be reported in publications, the media and on social media pages once they have been fully investigated. Already at a 8-week stage, people are finding huge changes.

Just wanted to tell you I’ve only been taking the seamoss since tue/wed when I received them last week and got my period Monday with only a mild warning cramp Sunday evening and minimal pain Monday, I would usually have 2 whole days where I can’t really function without being doubled over in pain. So I am impressed already looking forward to next month now thank you!  

Sarah, Vic, Australia

We will be starting a new trial later but this may be run out of the University of Southern Queensland so if you reach out to us now we can put you in touch with the principal investigator.

But if you are sick of your pain, then why not purchase some now. It’s a money-back guarantee. Purchase at For about 1000 women we only charged postage for 30 days of seaweed tablets which we know is enough for you experience the benefits. While we charged your credit card or PayPal, but it was fully refundable if the next period was not much improved. All they had to do was just tell us and we refunded it. None did.

Dysmenorrhea for 80% reduces within the first month. Some benefits take longer and our customers have told us some great ones including pain and fingernail growth. Or 30% sleep better.

Contact us via Chat or Email. We have some great offers, but if you are want to keep in touch, sign up with us. If signing up on a mobile device, we suggest just use the contact page (here) directly with your details.  Thank you