We seek a co-founder to join our team and make a difference.

Period Pain (Dysmenorrhea) impacts over 2.1 Billion women globally with over 900 million women whose monthly dysmennorhea disrupts their lives. With an estimated 9 days of lost productive per year, the econcomic cost is billions. We have discovered that seaweed not only reduces pain, but reduces the other menstruation effects. Moreover, we have evidence for some reduction in endometriosis that over 187m women suffer from.

Marine Algae focus is to take this understanding through the regulatory process over the next two years for a global product that will make a substantial difference to women’s lives, black or white, rich or poor, repressed society or not. Seaweed has a range of benefits, but we are focused on dysmenorrhea, and for that we need the right person to join us 2 older founders and become the face of the business. Our business has been operating for over 3 years and has staff. supply, products, some limited sales and a plan for the future.

We are currently raising philanthropic funds to fund regulatory compliance and to accelerate growth globally. The co-founder we seek will:

  • Have a passion for women’s health.
  • Have a global view of the opportunities
  • Will have experience at a C-Level or similar in drug or nutraceutical industry
  • Want to join an entrepreneurial team
  • Work independently during the next 2 years (That’s the Covid-19 reality)
  • Accept a remumeration based on company ownership as we progress through the next year.

We Seek a Co-Founder, Not Early Employee

The differences between co-founders and early employees are many. We considered the following questions as we looked at our business. What were we missing, and how would an individual add appropriate value as a co-founder as opposed to an early hire? Will you help set the strategic vision and mission of the company? Will you be so essential we cannot function to exist without you? Are you in this for the long haul, willing to risk it all because of your soul shattering belief in the company and our services? Will you have ample skin in the game? Read more on Gust