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Seaweed Reduces Long Covid Trial

seaweed treats long covid trial

Does seaweed reduce long Covid?
Are you prepared to help test it.

We Suspect Seaweed May Reduce Long Covid

Animal studies show seaweed reduces inflammation in animals. Customers report reduction in arthritis. We also see reduction in period pain, and customers have reported more energy, less anxiety and improved mental health. 

Will seaweed assist in Long Covid recovery. We don’t know. If you help us try it for up to 2 months then we will know more.

  • If it works – great – we will introduce into clinical trials. 
    If it does not – that’s more information we have. 

Do you have Long Covid? Can you Help us and others.

Over the past 16 months we seen the pandemic spread across the world.  The estimated number of survivors is 140m and rising (Coronvirus Update)

  • In a study published in July 2020, Italian researchers followed 147 patients who had been hospitalized for COVID-19 and found that 87% still had symptoms 60 days after they were discharged from the hospital.
  • Check out the latest preprint from Davis et al on 7 months of long haulers symptoms.https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.12.24.20248802v3
  • It is estimated 30% of all those who had covid have symptoms more than 2 weeks
  • While a vaccine was thought to reduce long covid, it appears that it only helps a few/ 

How Can I Help?

  1. Sign up below
  2. Then click on the link so we can send you 2 months of seaweed. The website will be www.seaweed.ph/longcovid and it automatically add the 2 months of seaweed. The coupon longcovid is added so it means there is no charge. (Doing it this way means we can easily ship product to you)
  3. We ask you to fill out a detailed health survey, of what your ailments are. (fully confidential)
  4. Eat 3 capsules per day. For the first week keep that to 1 as your microbiome adjust to seaweed.
  5. At 4 and 8 weeks fill out a survey. 

That’s it. 

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When you click on the link – it will take you to https://seaweed.ph/longcovid and will ask for name and shipping details at checkout. There should be no charge. Delivered free. (We use this to make shipping easy). If there are any issues, use the coupon longcovid. We will ship the 2 months supply within a day or 2. 

What are Functional Foods

Functional foods are just foods that have a medicinal effect when we eat them every day. We know that we pretty much are what we eat …. A diet of junk food gives us a junky body. But we don’t usually understand that what we eat can be the same as taking a medicine.

Foods can lower our blood pressure, clean out our liver, form new networks in our brain…. If we know which foods to eat and how much we should be eating.

At BioSea Health we are studying a functional food we all know about but mostly don’t eat – seaweed.  Professor Brown has studied over 45 functional foods over the past 15 years and published over 174 peer reviewed papers. So he is not surprised at the effects. Except for his own!

Prof Brown Explains Functional Foods

Tell me How Seaweed Can Give Me My Life Back

Seaweed is not new, in fact we probably evolved as humans because we ate seaweed. It contains all the essential nutrients needed for brain and body development and to keep our body functioning properly and in complete health. You know about nutrients like fish oil, antioxidants that reduce inflammation. Well here is a well kept secret – fish don’t make these nutrients in their body any more than we do. They have to get those nutrients from eating seaweed, and lots of it. At BioSea Health we are looking at ways to cut out the middle man…. middle fish, and get the nutrients straight to you to stop joint pain.

Why not stop those expensive supplements, and get the real oil!  Natural organic seaweed to reduce joint pain. Sounds too easy right?

Is Seaweed Good For Me

Seaweeds are a ‘nutrition powerhouse’ and contain unique disease fighting compounds. Many seaweeds contain anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents. Their medicinal effects have been known for thousands of years; the ancient Romans used them to treat wounds, burn, and rashes. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that the ancient Egyptians may have used them as a treatment for breast cancer.

They are fantastic for balancing hormones and helping you look and feel better.  High in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and unique phytosterols, seaweed is a better nutrient source than those expensive multi-vitamins you take. Seaweed is also a natural prebiotic that is high in both soluble and insoluble fibre. Our healthy gut bacteria are happy and blooming, making us feel healthy and energetic. (Check out what our older customers say) And that extra bulk makes bowels happy too. So all the nutrients, anti-oxidants, fish oils and fibre in the one place ….mmm…. Sounds easy to take, and less expensive.  So we take fresh seaweed but make it a capsule.

Pacific Seamoss seaweed reduces joint pain simply

Clean Green And Sustainable

We understand you don’t want to put anything in your body from sources you don’t know. So we have implemented leading edge technology that tracks the seaweed from “gate” to “plate”. It is grown and certified Organic. We test the water and the product heavy metals, biological contaminants. We are implementing HACCP and ISO22000 certified processes. We manage it every step of the way to you. I eat it. It is just food and you can’t overdose on healthy food.  We have established a foundation Seaweed for Humanity, Inc and that is set up to help local women seaweed farmers.

Significant Lifestyle Health Improvements Are Reported

  • After taking seaweed, 60% of our customers in a consumer said their joint pain decreased.
  • 60% says their nails and hair grew stronger
  • 70% said their bowel motions were improved.

Normally these are gel capsules as seaweed is an acquired taste. If are vegan then contact us and we can exchange for powder. (But you will need to like the taste!)

We would like you to fill in 4 1 page questionaire. Before. After 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 2 months.

There is no sneaky processes. We just want to know how effective it is.

We only are providing free product to 50 long covid sufferers to check how it works. We need your feedback. 

We sell a months worth (90 capsules, 3 a day) for £22, $AU35 and $US30. That is a cup or two of coffee per week. For some they get their life back. Nothing to loose.

If you know you have seafood allergies, whole seaweed is not for you. The seaweed grows in the sea, and while we clean and dry, there might be microscopic fish eggs, clams. So don’t risk it.