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Seaweed Is Surprisingly Healthy

make seaweed a habit eat Pacific Sea Moss

Make Seaweed a Habit for Better Health.

Seaweed has nutrients and functional properties in the food itself. They have benefits without any nasty side effects. But just like medicines, they work best when consumed often enough that the active molecules stay at the optimum level in your body.

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Cancer fighting properties of seaweed eat Pacific Seamoss

Cancer Fighting Properties of Seaweed

Seaweed has been known for millennia to have anti-cancer properties. The Egyptians used seaweed to treat breast cancer as early as 2640 BC, while both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Folk medicine use seaweed to treat tumors.

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seaweed reduces metabolic syndrome

Seaweed Reverses Metabolic Syndrome

Too good to be true? When rats ate a small amount of seaweed on a junk food diet; no metabolic syndrome. It was if they were eating normal food. Seaweed negated a junk food diet. Professor Brown was astonished.

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seaweed reduces alzheimers disease Pacific Sea Moss

Seaweed Reduces Alzheimers?

Seaweed improves memory and reduces amyloid plaque load in an Alzheimer’s Disease Mouse Model. Global research shows novel and promising alzheimer disease reduction and the mechanisms of the improvement.

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The ultimate sea vegetable is Pacific Sea Moss

The Ultimate Sea Vegetable

The ultimate sea vegetable is Pacific Seamoss, full of vitamins and minerals, and is a pre-biotic in a convenient form. Take Pacific Seamoss capsules daily for your serve of sea vegetables

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Many Uses for Seaweed

Many Uses of Seaweed

The many uses for seaweed include food, thickener and agars, animal feed, human and plant nutrition. Japan, China and Korea have long eaten seaweed as an important source of nutrition.

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Seaweed benefits enviroment - find out how Pacific Sea Moss benefits

Seaweed And The Environment

Seaweed is fantastic for the environment. Does not need fresh water or fertilizer. Captures carbon. Provides food, fuel, biostimulants and nutraceuticals. Huge areas of ocean available.

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Improve heart health with seaweed Pacific Sea Moss

Improve Heart Health with Seaweed

Seaweed reduces blood pressure, improves gut microbiome, full of essential nutrients, amino acids, lipids, and over 1,000 biologically active compounds. Research globally is chasing some of the compounds.

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Seaweed linked to weight loss Pacific Sea Moss

Seaweed Linked to Weight Loss?

Weight loss, whether calculated via numbers on a scale or the measurement of one’s waist, is a continual battle. Maintaining a certain weight requires balancing caloric intake (energy consumed) with the amount of energy expended

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seaweed reduces arthritis Pacific Seamoss

Seaweed reduces Arthritis

Seaweed reduces degeneration of cartilage through potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory and anti-immunogenic actions. Arthritis is one of the most common causes of pain and disability in our aging population and current treatments only address the symptoms of joint disease.

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Breast Cancer Rates are 1/10 in Japan than UK with seaweed

Breast Cancer Rates 1/10 of UK. Why?

Breast cancer rates in UK are 10 times those of Japan. USA has 4 times rate of mortality than Japan. Why? Diets, and eating seaweed is just one of differences implicated. This wide difference has intrigued researchers and other studies have followed from this remarkable difference.

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