Plant Growth Biostimulants

plant growth biostimulants from seaweed BioSea Boost

Plant Growth Biostimulants

Plant Growth Biostimulants are Now Available

Newly developed natural products are offered to growers every day. Depending on the type of product, the label claims can include increased insect and disease resistance, increased water use efficiency, higher plant quality and longer shelf life.

Many of these products have been tried in agriculture with positive results; but remember that soil amendments, microbial concentrates and plant extracts interact differently with soil than they do with peat substrates. Nursery and greenhouse production is often very intensive. Vegetable transplants and bedding plants can be finished anywhere from three to six weeks, depending on the season. This short crop cycle sometimes determines poor performance of plant growth stimulants and other natural products. Other products might confer an advantage when plants are stressed, however, under optimal conditions, there are often no advantages to using these products.

Since many growers have a small margin of profit on each plant, sometimes just a few pesos can be the difference between making a profit or not. Plant growth biostimulants have been proven to provide a good return on investment.

Biosea Boost Plant Growth Biostimulant

Seaweed for Humanity grows seaweed on Samal Island at processes the seaweed into convenient 1 litre, 4, 20 litre containers for growers of bananas, pineapples and rice growers.

The product is organic certified and grown under conditions that are tracked from gate to plate through modern technology to ensure that every batch is consistent.

Boost Plant Biostimulant, made from Seaweed available for crop yield increases now.