Seaweed Ends Brittle Hair and Nails

Hair grows faster with seaweed Pacific Sea Moss

Our Organic Seaweed is helping our clients grow healthy hair and nails, naturally.

Could you benefit from:

Reduced split ends & split nails?

Faster growth of hair & nails?

Dandruff fighting & scalp repair?

Whether you’re longing for thickness, length, health or cleanliness, Seaweed can improve the health of your hair and nails.

How Does it Work?

A functional food is a food that is naturally full of vitamins and minerals that nourish us from the inside out.

At BioSea Health we are studying a functional food we all know about but mostly don’t eat – Seaweed.

Seaweed contains minerals and vitamins such as Potassium, Iron, Vitamins A, B and C and provides antioxidants.

These nourish us from the inside out, and contribute to the overall health in the human body.

seaweed is full of vitamins and minerals Pacific Seamoss

Prof Brown Explains Functional Foods

At BioSea Health, we are leading the way with research on the role of functional foods.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our sustainable and safe products made from natural ingredients.

Our Clean, Green and Sustainable Commitment

Our product is naturally grown and certified Organic:

– We follow a strict schedule testing the water and the product for heavy metals and biological contaminants

– We are implementing HACCP and ISO22000 certified processes

Our product is safe:

– It is just Seaweed (Kappaphycus alvarezii, to be specific), the same type that you can buy in most wet markets throughout the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia

– Even if you wanted to, it is hard to buy good clean Seaweed every day, so make it easy

– Our product is 100% dried seaweed

Our products are managed every step of the way to you:

– We have implemented leading-edge technology that tracks the Seaweed from “gate” to “plate”

We have established a foundation, Seaweed for Humanity Inc:

– Our production systems help support farmers in developing areas, bring much-needed finance to families

– We especially support the women who do much of the work

Seaweed growing on lines underwater
Our Pacific Seamoss is 100% Organic Seaweed, grown sustainably in clean water and regularly tested.

Is There a Catch?

We do want something from you – feedback.

There is no subscription we trap you with.

We knew Seaweed improved health in many areas of the body but never expected so many customers to find their hair and nail health better than ever.

We want to know if this is the solution to healthy hair and nails you have been looking for?

Our customers who were taking our capsules for other health reasons were surprised when they found their hair and nails improved.

They are so impressed, they are leaving excellent reviews about their strong, healthy nails and hair just weeks after starting to take our seaweed capsules.

The ultimate sea vegetable is Pacific Sea Moss

Our Research

The team at BioSea Health are scientists who conduct clinical trials. We don’t just believe in the healing power of foods; we are proving it.

We have promising data from our initial trials, but we need more feedback.

Pacific Seamoss seaweed reduces joint pain simply

A Word from Our Founders

Our story started in 2019 when our Founder Dr Hugh Butler was attending a Seaweed conference:

“I was attending a seaweed conference in South Korea, and I met Professor Jane Teas. She had studied the link between Seaweed consumption and the low breast cancer rates of women in Japan compared to the Western nations.

At the time of her study, women in Japan had one-tenth the breast cancer rate of their Western nation counterparts. Professor Teas gave her patients dry Seaweed in a capsule and followed their progress in a clinical trial.

At the time, my co-founder Gray and I had an organic seaweed farm in the Philippines, and we were producing animal and plant health products.

Intrigued, we started researching and growing our Organic SeaMoss, a type of Seaweed that is a traditional food source for Humans.

We worked with a local nutraceutical manufacturer in the Philippines to offer our organic Seaweed as capsules.

Our first trial focused on seniors who had symptoms of metabolic syndrome and lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure or elevated glucose.

We started to get our customers reporting pain reduction, as well as stronger hair and nails – which has led us to further trials such as this one.”

Significant Lifestyle Health Improvements Reported

After taking seaweed, 60% of our customers in a consumer said their joint pain decreased.

60% says their nails and hair grew stronger

70% said their bowel motions were improved.

Improve Heart Health

How Do I Sign Up For The 60 Day Trial?

We are offering 8 weeks supply of BioSea Health’s Pacific Moss TM. This two months for the price of one, PLUS free postage.

If you find seaweed does not provide any benefits to you, I will refund the purchase.

When you take up the offer it is for buy one, get one free of capsules. If you are vegan then contact us and we can exchange for powder. (But you will need to like the taste!)

No. This is a single payment (or 4 if you use Afterpay). There is no sneaky processes. You decide if it works for you.

We only have the next 500 with this offer. We need your feedback. 

If you try these and they do not provide improvement, contact us by phone / chat / email and we will refund without option

The cost for 2 months total is £22, $AU35 or $US30. That is a cup or two of coffee per week.