Seaweed for Pets

Pre-biotics for pets provides a good source of pre-biotics, and full of minerals and vitamins to keep your companion in good health. Anti-inflammatory.

  • Feed your pooch Biosea Pet Pre-Biotics. Dog Poo is easier to clean up when your companions tummy is in good condition and has a good balance of vitami

  • Our companions deserve the best. Seaweed is a powerful pre-biotic, full of nutrients, helps ageing joints and is known to have strong anti cancer, hea

  • 5 ways seaweed in your pet’s diet will improve health, vitality, and wellness. Seaweed is good for pets and animals providing strength, vitality and h

  • Seaweed at 3% to 8% of diets reduces disease, increases growth rates, and reduces inflammation and disease. Growth trials in Europe show improved yiel

Owners Recommendation

Seaweed – providing animals with effective prebiotic and anti-inflammatory products