Biosea Boost
Seaweed – organic certified plant biostimulant. For healthier plants, higher yields.

Seaweed is Plant Fertilizer

  • Plant Biostimulant is a $1.5Billion market with opportunities to grow to $5Billion. But seaweed liquid fertilizer will need to move to broad agricultu

  • Homemade liquid seaweed works. For those without access to seaweed, use BioSea Boost for yourself. This video shows a home made process

  • Newly developed natural products are offered to growers every day. Depending on the type of product, the label claims can include increased insect and

  • Rice field trials on the use of a carrageenan plant growth regulator (CPGR) in Brgy. Balatong have increased crop harvest by more than 65 percent.